F2 (Fun and Frustration) movie


Harika (Tamannah) and Honey (Mehreen) are sisters who have a similar attitude and other dominating features. Venky (Venkatesh) who works as a PA to MLA, marries Harika in an arranged marriage. Varun Yadav (Varun Tej), a Hyderabad young guy likes Honey, and they get engaged. After marriage, Venky’s becomes frustrated as Tamannah, and her mom dominates at home. He finds that Varun is his to be his co-brother. So, he warns him not to connect this family. But, Varun doesn’t listen to Venky. After some frustrating events, Venky and Varun as advised by a neighbor (Rajendra Prasad) go to Europe trip. Knowing this, Harika and Honey too go to Europe also. All the characters end up at Prakash Raj’s House in Europe. Why they went to Prakash Raj’s Home? Did Venky and Varun break their relationships? Forms the rest of the story. :-All out look

As usual, Victory Venkatesh steals the show with his humorous streak. It is known that the actor is a pro when it comes to churning out comedy with his role and he has done it again. This is the first(1st) time for Varun Tej, but it is refreshing to see him in a funny kind of a role. However, he pulled it off effortlessly and delivered an active performance. Both Mehreen and Tamannaah added up the attraction quotient in the movie. They looked pretty, and their stunning screen presence will grab the attention. Both Rajendra Prasad and Prakash Raj delivered convincing performances. Jhansi performed well. Vennela Kishore and Priyadarshi will make the audience laugh.

Anil Ravipudi has come up with one more comedy entertainer with his trademark entertainment. More than with the dialogues, the director focused on composing situational comedy as well which is also a good thing in the movie. The film is a good combo of comedy and entertainment. We can get to see the vintage Venky with his different style. The songs are just medium, and they could have been much better.