Rishabh Pant

‘Babysitter’ is the nickname Pant earned in Australia as he engaged himself in a funny fun with Australian skipper Tim Paine. While both wicket-keepers kept taking their turns behind the stumps to sled the other, it was the display of sportsmanship by the duo that delighted fans the most.

Although it’s just the inception of his cricketing career, Pant has been in and out of the Indian ODI team. While former cricketers and pundits continue to give their view what the Delhi lad is doing good or bad, he is of the opinion that critique from a distance is of no help. If someone has important input, it’s better to address it personally.

“If someone really wants to help me, then he can always come to me. You can’t just criticize from a distance and then not help. I can’t go up to big names just like that,” Pant says, elaborating his modern interaction with Gilchrist, “He came to me by himself. We couldn’t consume much time but (now) I can go to him whenever I require help,” Pant was quoted as saying by Times of India.

Rishabh Pant had a brilliant time in Australia, where he was the often headliner for quite a few causes. Despite returning back to India, he is still making the news, however, this time, off the field. On Wednesday, the stylish southpaw exposed out his love Isha Negi to the world. It immediately left his followers in a shock, as they weren’t anticipating it from young Rishabh, any sooner.

Now that he is back from a great win, he is spending his time with his ‘particular friend’.

The Paine-Pant banter regarding babysitting kids and then becoming the first(1st) wicketkeeper to score a century in Australia, Rishabh Pant has been in the news for all the right reasons.