Viswasam movie review

Viswasam movie cast: Ajith, Nayanthara
Viswasam movie director: Siva
Viswasam movie rating: 2 stars

Durai tells the villain (played by very tired Jagapati Babu) something like this: You should not mess with a man who was dumped by his wife, banned from meeting his daughter and feeling guilty of not being capable to be by the side of his daughter and see her grow up. Because if he starts to hurt people to express his love for his daughter, even God himself can’t stop him. That’s Viswasam in a nutshell. – alloutlook

Siva has typecast every character in the movie with a premise which the director has already milked to the maximum in Veeram and to some more in Vedalam. A happy-go-lucky guy living in a small village. He has a heart of gold and nerves of steel (such a cliché). He is loved by elders, children and all jobless men in his village without for some unscrupulous men. No, I am not talking about Vinayagam of Veeram. Now, he goes by the name of Thooku Durai. He meets a pretty girl, who is rich, sensible and well-educated. She visits his village for professional purposes. Again, her name is not Koppuram Devi. In this movie, she is called Niranjana (Nayanthara).

Niranjana is presented to us as a doctor, who is touring villages providing medical services. A song and a few scenes later, she asks Durai to marry her. She even throws away a chance to study further at Stanford University, when she finds out that she is pregnant (so typical). Later, we never get to know what happened to her career. It never gets mentioned in the movie again. In the second half, we know her as an ambitious and no-nonsense businesswoman. Continuity, go to hell.

The director doesn’t care about anything as long as he somehow reaches the ending line. He hops from a song to family sentiment scene to a fight scene, and to a song. He repeats. Siva puts the audience on an apparently never-ending loop of one-dimensional characters.